Frank Borman, J.D., CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor


I could not be more appreciative of the help Frank has offered over the past several years. I take comfort in both the defensive and offensive strategies used to ensure my financial security. Frank and his team have always been responsive and professional, focusing on understanding my needs and explaining all options. I am always grateful for their partnership and am confident in their ability to safeguard my financial future.  

  • Suzanne Hakar, Business Owner


As a physician who has worked with numerous financial advisors over the years, I cannot speak more highly of Frank than I already do. Frank is the ONLY advisor I've met who truly possesses the wealth management skill set necessary to successfully navigate the financial complexities unique to my profession. What's more, he takes the time to sit down with you to ensure you understand, and are comfortable with, the individually tailored plan he has carefully constructed or adjusted to help you achieve your long and short term financial goals. There is no question Frank loves what he does and enjoys every moment he spends with his clients. He's simply an all-around genuine person with a well-honed wealth management acumen who understands the unique pitfalls and pinnacles you're sure to face on your road to financial success.

  • Tom Corson, MD


My wife and I have been working with Frank for several years.  He has helped us plan and secure our family’s financial future.  Frank and his team have worked with us to put the safety nets in place, and have dedicated significant time and efforts to our needs.  Frank has become a pivotal piece in the decision-making process for our family, even when it comes to decisions that are just on fringe of finance.  

  • Fred Busche, P.E.


Frank and his team have always made me feel confident and comfortable when dealing with my financial goals.  I will continue to work with Frank for many years to come.

  • Jordan Arnold


Frank and his team consistently offer concise, well thought out and extremely well researched solutions for my financial challenges and goals.  Often his counseling reaches beyond the financial realm and extends to excellent life advice as well.  Frank takes a genuine interest in my family, always works around my complicated schedule and never takes my time for granted.  I look forward to his guidance for the years to come as my family and financial goals continue to grow.

  • Casey Dalla Betta, Oil & Gas Professional


I've been working with Frank for the past five or six years.  Frank has always been patient, and a great resource to help me think about my future.  Together, we’ve built a financial plan that protects me in the near term, should something unfortunate happen, while simultaneously constructing a retirement plan that will be there for me 40 years from now.  Additionally, Frank and his team have always been easy to get in contact with whenever I have a question or concern.

  • Jeff Diem


Frank and his team have helped us to make decisions and take actions that enable us to feel comfortable about our financial future. We want to pay for our three boys to go to college and make the most of our retirement.  Together, we are building a manageable plan to achieve these goals.

  • Kelli Jordan


My husband and I have worked with Frank for 5+ years and we continue to learn so much from him. Whether it's from our annual meeting, his check-in calls or additional help, we are always in awe at Frank's way of explaining the financial world in ways that are so easy to understand and follow. He is always a phone call or email away and happy to help us.  Frank and his team are truly wonderful! 

  • Nora Bruecken


Frank is always willing to take my calls, meet with me, and answer a myriad of questions – even though I have asked them previously. He stays on top of my accounts, educates me on options I may have not considered, and will research any question for which he doesn’t have an immediate answer.

His associate financial representative, Bitsy Davidson, is also available and can often answer my questions to save Frank time.  She has made the effort to know me personally, can implement changes that need to be made, and is an expert when it comes to the insurance industry as well.


I highly recommend this team. They are respectful, discreet, discerning, and always on top of their game. They have a sense of humor, are efficient, and effective.  In all the years I have been carrying insurance, no one has treated me – and my accounts – with such personal attention and care.

  • Francie Dittmer


I have greatly enjoyed working with Frank and his team.  He has taken the time necessary to understand our financial needs, at our current stage of life, and has tailored a plan to meet those needs, and nothing more.  There is no pressure to agree to anything we do not feel comfortable with, and I am very confident that as our situation changes he will adjust our financial strategy with our best interests in mind.  His team is very prompt and professional and are always available when they are needed.

  • Curtis Fleischhacker, Oil & Gas Professional


My husband and I have always enjoyed the process of managing our money and thought we were pretty good at it, but we are so happy that a friend recommended Frank to be our financial advisor.  Frank takes the time to personally meet with us every year to discuss our accounts, how well we met our financial goals for the previous year, and how we want to adjust for the following year.  Not only is he an expert in his field, giving options on how to grow our short and long term savings to our comfort level, but he is also very conscientious about our financial well-being.  He’s always ensuring he, or someone from his team, gives us a prompt, thorough response to our questions whenever needed.

  • Christi Hurelle


My wife and I have been working with Frank and his team for the last several years.  During that time, he and his team have always made sure we understand our financial plan, and the strategies that support it.  While always looking out for our financial future, they also provide a personal touch.  They regularly call, just to see how our family is doing, and make an honest inquiry into our lives.  We are thankful for all the guidance Frank and his team have provided, and know we are in a better place today than when we first met.

  • Derek Hurelle


Frank listened to my concerns and helped me evaluate our current investments.  He talked with me about options to help fill in some of the areas where we had gaps, and explained in detail the benefits of owning different types of insurance policies.  Frank easily answered my questions, and I felt I could ask others when I wasn’t sure I understood fully.  He and his team have been helpful in following up and assisting with our ongoing needs and questions.  We appreciate the time invested by Frank and his team and would recommend them to others.

  • Wendy Raffaeli, Chief Financial Officer


My wife and I are in our thirties and have two children in elementary school.  Frank has been our financial advisor for the past three years.  I own and manage a professional services firm.  I also manage some commercial real estate holdings.  Frank has been an excellent partner in planning for our financial future.  He has helped me plan for and insure against catastrophic life events.  The piece of mind in knowing that my family will be taken care of in the unfortunate event that anything should happen to me has been extremely valuable.


Running a small business comes with many challenges and tough decisions.  Frank has been a great resource for me to weigh the options of some of my most difficult business decisions.  In addition, Frank is well connected in the Denver business community and has helped make several introductions beneficial to running my business.  What I like most about Frank is that he is intelligent, articulate, and experienced.  I have had some great conversations with Frank about high level investments and Frank always provides an insightful, objective perspective.

  • Steve M, Business Owner


We have dealt with Frank Borman from a simple beginning of managing life insurance policies, evolving into education, council, and advice on issues of retirement planning, trust documents, taxes, and retirement investment choices.  He has been knowledgeable and helpful in this wide range of areas for not only my myself and my wife, but also to our heirs and loved ones.

  • Charles Keyes, Principal at Martin/Martin


Frank and his team have done a fantastic job in helping my family plan for both short and long term financial success.  His recommendations are thoroughly vetted and follow the goals that my family established when we first began working together.  We think highly of Frank and his team and appreciate their efforts.

  • Andrew Ledger, Real Estate


My wife and I have been working with Frank for several years now.  We appreciate Frank’s assistance in helping to sort out priorities for financial planning.  We particularly appreciate that Frank is focused on post retirement planning, and strategies for making our retirement funds go as far as possible.

  • Mike Piper, Structural Engineer


Frank’s candid financial advice has helped my wife and I see our retirement plan in new way.  Because of Frank’s guidance, I have a better plan for the future and know he is truly looking out for my family’s best interests.

  • Andy Paterson, Sales Executive


My husband and I began to work with Frank Borman shortly before we became parents, and helped us adapt our finances to support our growing family.  We appreciate that Frank helps us focus on building a secure future for ourselves and our child.  He balances helpful guidance with genuine respect for our personal preferences, and always reminds us to have fun, too.

  • Karen Sobel


Frank and Luke have been managing my retirement accounts for 5 years.  As we were setting up the plan, they asked very good questions, listened to my answers closely, and then structured a couple options to meet those goals.  They explained the options thoroughly, and why they were making their recommendations.  They have continued that direct communication in all of our subsequent meetings.  I have the utmost confidence in them going forward, and have recommended them to several of my colleagues that are approaching retirement.

  • Marc Able, Business Owner


Frank has been a tremendous help in making sure I am planning successfully for the future and giving me confidence in my saving strategy.  He explains all the steps necessary to properly implement both short and long term investments strategies in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend Frank for anyone who could use a little help or second look at their financial planning.

  • AJ Williams, Petroleum Engineer


I was as reluctant as could be to work with Frank and his team.  But when we gave it a chance, we were able to make a plan together that wasn't intimidating.  As a result, we now save more money, manage it better, and have confidence in a bright financial future.  We are glad we have Frank and his team in our corner.

  • Lauren McDonald



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